We are open Fridays 10:30AM-5PM & Saturdays 10:30AM-3PM @ 1135 Landsdowne Street W in Ptbo. Stop in and see us - we can't wait to sweeten your day!

About Emily Mae's

Good morning, good afternoon & good evening!

Hi, I'm Jen! As a student of culinary arts, these are 3 important greetings that have been drilled into me and I feel are SO very important! A kind and simple greeting can make such a difference in the way our conversations begin.

Emily Mae’s Cookies started about 2.5 years ago when I was home on maternity leave with our second son. While scrolling facebook, a tutorial came up on how to decorate sugar cookies - I tried it, and I was HOOKED! I’ve always had a passion for presentation and all things related to the culinary world, so this seemed to be the perfect fit. The decision to not go back to work and take on cookies as a full time job was scary, BUT I'm so happy we did it!

Coming up with a business name - I wanted something personal & friendly with a dash of charm mixed in. After giving it lot’s of thought, my middle name came to mind - ‘Emily Mae’. This comes from my grandmothers, one Emily, the other Mae. PERFECT, that’s it! We’ve got it!

The name has now become a brand and I couldn’t be happier! Staying home raising our two sons while working on building a cookie business sounds like a dream - BUT, it comes with it’s challenges. There have been many tears, late nights, sleepless nights, sore hands & muscles, guilt, fear - is this what I'm meant to be doing? maybe I'm not cut out for this? will my boys grow up thinking their mom worked too much? Jen, STOP!!!!! Despite all of this, I absolutely positively LOVE what I do! Seeing your excitement and overwhelming joy when you pick up your cookies, that does it for me - it melts my heart EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! The feeling of fear and doubt that come up from time to time are always blown away by my outright joy of decorating these cookies! The idea of YOU choosing Emily Mae’s cookies to share with YOUR family and friends at some of life’s most important events - WOW, what a feeling!

Custom decorated sugar cookies is Emily Mae’s specialty. Creating these sweet artisanal treats to compliment any of life’s celebrations or to bring a little joy to an ordinary day.

Thank YOU for being there. Thank YOU for your patience. Thank YOU for helping me grow this little cookie business into what it has become and for what it WILL become. I’m so very excited for the future of Emily Mae’s and can’t wait to take you along on this journey with me.